Why travel with us?

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Experience | Knowledge | Trust

Active Travel has been around for over 30 years. Our continued existence depends on satisfied and loyal customers and there is only one way to achieve this: providing the best service and experience that your hard earned money can buy.

So, what sets us apart from the competition?

We listen to what you want

We listen to you and suggest appropriate solutions that suit your expectations and budget. Sometimes our own travel programmes don’t suit our customers and in this scenario we will recommend our competitors should they better suit your needs. The advantage for you is we are literally a ‘one stop travel shop’ with wide diversity of ideas and you won’t leave disappointed.

Our professionalism is extensive and recognised

With more than three decades of travel history behind us and a team who have many years of personal experience our Travel Planners rank amongst the best in the country.

Our Planners have received top mystery shopper rankings as well as recognition from major travel companies such as Insight, Singapore Airlines and Territory Discoveries.

We are intuitive and innovative

Intuitive and innovative travel offerings keep us alert as to what can be done and where, just check out our Wellness Programs. We have many ‘firsts’ behind us and many more to come which means our travel suggestions are fresh and stimulating.

We minimise your travel stress by:

  1. Offering any day departures, confirmed, on most of our trips. No worrying about reaching minimum numbers. You will be confirmed immediately.
  2. Fitting within your budget. Naturally this is very important and we bear this in mind during the planning process.
  3. Tailor making itineraries so what you get is what you want. Together with any day departures your trip should be perfect, and within budget. A true win-win.
  4. Offering security. We are licensed and accredited with IATA so your money is safe and unlike internet bookings you have recourse should something go wrong.

We personally invite you to visit us and discuss your travel needs with our Travel Planners. You can find us here.


Becky and  Nick