Uluru is a place infused with the ancient spirit of the Australia outback. I was lucky to go on a 7- day adventure from Alice Springs to Adelaide with the fantastic tour operator – Adventure Tours, part of the Intrepid Group. Our group travelled 3021 km vertically across the Australian continent, from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to Adelaide in South Australia. This is a journey through the heartland of Australia, rich in indigenous culture and enchanting natural beauty.

On the second day, we enjoyed a walk around the base of the Ayers Rock, gaining insights into the land and the local Mala people. At the Uluru Cultural Centre, we saw the great artworks made by indigenous people.

On the third day, we trekked for 6 km along the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. Although it’s physically demanding, I would say the breathtaking view is worth the journey. There is an interesting turn of events as we stopped in the middle of nowhere to get some firewood and we get caught in a heavy rain shower which floods some of the tents. No worries though because there is plenty of dry accommodation to lay our heads down for the night.

I really like the part that we visited Coober Pedy and slept in a cave style accommodation. Due to extremely hot temperatures in the area most of the town is constructed underground, with residents living in cave-like houses carved into the hillsides. No matter what the temperature is outside, the underground remains cool and refreshing all the time. We also get to see the location where the famous movie Mad Max was filmed.

After Coober Pedy, we travelled to one of the remotest towns in the whole world, William Creek. Arriving into town we set up camp and finally use some timber to make a campfire. After dinner, we laid down in our swag and fell asleep while counting the shooting stars.

The view started to change when we got close to Adelaide. We passed by so many great Southern Australia vineyards. In one small town, we stopped for a wine tasting experience.

In this amazing 7-day trip, I have experienced a unique and wild Australian adventure and also a number of firsts: It was the first time I had camped in a traditional Aussie swag, saw the magical rock of Uluru for the first time, learned how to make a fire, climbed the famous Kings Canyon for 4 hours. The first time staying underground for the night in the bunkhouse in the ‘Opal Capital of the World’- Coober Pedy. For the first time, I travelled with so many like-minded and fun people and one of a kind guides. It was a memorable trip, what a lifetime experience! Sheehan Xin

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