cultural budapestAt Active Travel, our fascination with exotic river travel began more than two decades ago. Now we are proud to offer the most comprehensive range of unique river cruises that capture the essence of river boat cruising, where the focus is on the places we visit and the people we meet along the way. Our extensive knowledge and experience with river cruising and the various cruise vessels available, ensures we are regarded as Australia’s leading professionals in great river journeys, providing accurate and appropriate advice; an important element to getting your river cruising holiday just right.

There is something completely romantic about sailing along a river, each day stopping of in a new area where you can go explore and discover and yet at the same time it is a wonderful way to travel for families or single travelers. River Cruises offer guests the opportunity to experience a region traveling with like minded people, so if you dream of sailing the Irrawaddy in Myanmar to embrace the exotic culture or the magical Danube through Europe to take in and enjoy all the fine wine and food as you go, speak with a consultant today and let us find a cruise that suits your interests and style.

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