Polar Voyages FAQ

1. Do you accommodate solo travellers?

A good number of our clients come alone and some purchase the single cabin option for 1.5 x the twin occupancy rate or 2 x the rate for suites. For those wishing to share, we will pair solo travellers of the same gender together at no charge. If we cannot find anyone to pair you with, you will have single use of the cabin at no extra charge.

2. Do returning passengers get a discount?

Yes, returning passengers receive 5% off their next voyage.

3. Can I bring my children on the voyage?

Yes. Although the voyages are not directed towards children, we do encourage families with children on our voyages. Please contact us for more information if you are thinking of travelling with anyone under the age of 16.

4. What is not included in your pricing?

Tips, purchases at the on-board gift shop & bar, internet & phone, laundry services, flights to your port of embarkment.

5. How difficult is it to get in and out of the landing Zodiacs?

Assistance getting in and out of the Zodiacs will be offered by our staff. There are possible wet landings where you will be required to disembark the zodiac into ankle deep water – making the rubber boots we provide a necessary item.

6. Is there email/internet access on-board the ship?

Yes, there is email access available through our satellite communication equipment for a charge. Although it can be slow.

7. How can I be contacted in an emergency while I am on-board?

A phone / fax number as well as email address for the ship will be provided to you in your final document package.

8. Do you have a doctor on-board your ships?

Yes, there is an emergency doctor on-board every sailing.

9. What nationalities are on-board the ship?

There are clients from many countries travelling with us. The expedition staff come from all over the world however all safety briefings are conducted in English.

10. When is the best time to go to the Antarctic and the High Arctic?

The Antarctic season runs from November to March and the Arctic season runs from July  to September. We choose our dates carefully based on historical patterns in the ice, which allows for optimal viewing for all wildlife not to mention the access to special landing sites.

11. How many passengers are on the ship?

We try to limit the number of people we carry to a maximum of 95 passengers.

12. Does the crew speak English?

The ship’s crew is Russian and they handle the day to day running of the vessel (engine room, bridge, outer decks, dining room service). The officers and the Captain on the bridge speak English. All the expedition staff, who operate our expedition product speak English.

13. Can we get off the ship?

We get off the ship as much as possible, usually two to three times a day when we are around the Antarctic Peninsula coastline. We spend between two and six hours at each location depending on the prevailing conditions.

14. Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is mandatory. You must be covered in case of a medical evacuation.

15. Tipping

Tipping is a very personal matter, we recommend US $10 per passenger per day that you are on the ship. It is better for the crew if we can give them US dollars cash.

16. Do you have facilities on-board to download digital images from my camera?

Yes. We have a multimedia download station to download your images. We also have DVDs onto which you can burn your images.

17. Should I be concerned about sea sickness?

If you feel that you are particularly susceptible to sea sickness, then it is a good idea to talk to your doctor. Come armed with motion sickness tablets. There will be a doctor on board and the ship is equipped with a small treatment facility.