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“If Antarctica were music it would be Mozart. Art, it would be Michelangelo, Literature and it would be Shakespeare.
And yet it is something even greater; the only place on Earth still as it should be, may we never tame it.”
– Andrew Denton

A voyage to the Polar regions is one of the world’s great adventures and it’s not surprising that the fascination of these extreme and remote destinations, sheathed in layers of ancient ice, has attracted many of the world’s great explorers and scientists. For those lucky enough to experience it first-hand, a ship-based adventure is a remarkable journey that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Expeditions operate during the Antarctic and Arctic summers. This is a time of great activity with seabirds swooping through the skies and whales feeding on vast schools of krill, while polar bears and penguins rear their young. We spend as much time off the ship as possible exploring in our zodiac boats, going ashore for walks, visiting historic sites, scientific bases and wildlife colonies. In Antarctica, the towering icebergs, in all shades of blue, will take your breath away.

The longer Antarctic expeditions take you below the Antarctic Circle, into the icy Weddell Sea and on to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. These remote island groups are home to some extraordinary wildlife, beaches covered in King penguins, elephant and fur seals, and an abundance of sea birds of all shapes and sizes. Arctic trips explore Greenland, Baffin Island and the fabled Northwest Passage.

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