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Just bring us your ideas, your dates and your budget!

Spotlight on North America

Even though we loved our roadtrip around California and Nevada we are under no illusion that there is so much more to North America than just the US and Canada. Whether you want to be dancing Salsa through Cuba with a Mojito in your hand, exploring the many pyramids in Mexico or flopping down on your deck chair in an all-inclusive Club Med resort make sure you bring the team at Active Travel your ideas, your dates and your budget!
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There seems to be a misconception that once you hit 30 or have kids, you never get to travel again. This is totally wrong. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy a great holiday by yourself or with friends without having to worry about your own kids or anyone else's. Find out how Active Travel can help.

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Venice: the floating city is itself a work of art, with Gothic architecture and Byzantine mozaics, so it's only natural that its buildings are lined with classic and modern artworks from every century. You'll be packing your bags in excitement once you hear about three of the best art galleries in Venice.

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Just bring us these three things and we can make a start on your perfect itinerary. Our team of experts choose from thousands of tours in hundreds of  worldwide locations.  Our network of preferred suppliers is so diverse and because we are independent we can choose what’s best for you! From adventurous elephant trekking to awe-inspiring beaches, our collection of destinations is irresistible.