See the Galapagos Islands in a different way

Australian travel company, Active Travel, is offering a six-day Galapagos Loop tour, which includes hiking, sightseeing, wildlife watching and swimming with sea lions, in one of the richest nature sanctuaries on Earth.

Available throughout 2017, the island-hopping tour links three of the Galapagos islands – Santa Cruz, Floreana and Isabela – by speedboat, enabling Australians to explore the islands’ distinctive landscape, wildlife and culture.

The Galapagos Islands were made famous in 1835 when Charles Darwin visited the archipelago as part of a five-year voyage which led to his iconic study ‘The Origin of Species’. Darwin noted that the local wildlife had uniquely adapted to suit their environment, and today the archipelago boasts more than 26 endemic species, including giant Galapagos tortoises, which can measure more than 1.5m in length.

Due to a lack of natural predators, the wildlife – including flamingos, Darwin’s finches, sea lions and marine iguanas – are known for their tranquility, which enables travelers to get up close and personal with them and take some great photos.

The six-day tour will begin with a journey into the mist-covered highlands of Santa Cruz island, where travellers can spot birds such as vermilion flycatchers and Darwin’s finches. A speed boat will take guests to Floreana Island the following day, where they will meet descendants of the original population of the island and have the opportunity to swim with sea lions, marine turtles, mantra rays and a variety of colorful coral fish.

The journey will continue to the highlands of Floreana, with a guide telling stories from the island’s colourful history along the way. Travellers will take a low level hike, exploring pirates’ caves, fresh water springs and tortoise colonies, before taking a speed boat to the island of Isabela, relaxing on its pristine beaches, and exploring the crater of the Sierra Negra Volcano. Guests will visit Flamingo’s Lagoon and a tortoise breeding centre, before returning to the island of Santa Cruz, visiting the Charles Darwin Station, and transferring to the airport.

Including airport transfers, five nights’ hotel accommodation, breakfasts, excursions and the services of a bilingual naturalist guide, the six-day tour costs from US$2002 per person, twin-share.

Departures are available every Sunday for the rest of 2017.

Return flights from Australia to Ecuador and on to the Galapagos are extra and can be booked through Active Travel.

Three tour extensions are available, starting at USD$475 per person, twin-share.

For details, visit our nature experience page or call 1300 783 188.