As winter in Australia continues, you might be looking out your window at the rain, dreaming of the summer hot weather. Lucky for you, summer is only a few hours away up in Asia.

Thanks to new routes and airlines joining the market, jumping on a flight to Asian destinations has never been easier – a matter of hours away from new cultures, experiences and warm weather! 

So, if you're considering a break in the coming months, here are three Asian hot spots – as highlighted by Lonely Planet's 2017 Best in Asia list.

1) Gansu, China

Lonely Planet ranks the Gansu region of China as the top place to see on the Asian continent. Located in north-central China, the Gansu region is famous for its "snow-capped mountains, big skies and Silk Road history". However, if you go for the scenery, you definitely stay for the food.

Whether on the street or in a restaurant, you're bound to see Lanzhou-style hand-pulled noodles on the menu – accompanied by various meats and vegetables.

One of the true benefits of this region is that it's remarkably crowd-free compared to other parts of China. Off the beaten track, you can experience the true essence of Chinese history at your own pace!

2) Melaka City, Malaysia

Sitting on the edge of the Strait of Malacca, south of the capital Kuala Lumpur, Melaka City is the perfect balance of old and new. The city dates back hundreds of years and this history is reflected in the many prayer halls, mosques and other buildings. In 2008, Melaka's historic core was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status to acknowledge this.

Of course, Melaka City offers more modern attractions as well. Zheng He Duo Yun Zuan, a waterfront gallery space, showcases the work of artists around the region and the rooftop Sky Tower is a great place to capture sunset across the city.

3) Northern Kerala, India

India might not be the first place you think of when you imagine lying on a beach, but wait until you hear about Northern Kerala. Along the tropical Malabar Coast which hugs the Arabian Sea, you'll find palm-lined beaches, luxury resorts and an array of tea plantations. 

Again, like Gansu, this part of India isn't popular with tourism (as yet) and you could easily have a whole beach to yourself – sheer bliss!

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