The Polar regions are some of the most untouched, extreme and freezing corners of the world, yet they are also some of the most magnificent. Covering millions of square miles in ice and home to an array of fascinating creatures and incredible vistas, the Polar regions make for a holiday destination like no other

Here are three reasons why a voyage around these breathtaking landscapes should be at the top of your travel bucket list.

1. Go to places many others only dream of

How many of your friends or family have embarked on an expedition around the Arctic or Antarctic? Not many we're guessing. The beauty with this kind of trip is that these vast areas are rarely travelled to by holiday-makers – instead, they're left waiting for the real adventurers to explore.

On an intimate voyage hosted by one of Active Travel's trusted suppliers, you'll venture around these white, icy wonderlands, stopping off at remote areas along the way that larger ships cannot. Such landings may include Enterprise Island – an area brimming with towering icebergs and full of 20th century whaling history. In the Arctic, step ashore Moffen Island – home to numerous walrus and reindeer.

2. Come face to face with rare animals

The Arctic and Antarctic are home to some of the world's most fascinating and rare creatures, and with the help of your Canberra travel agents, you can see them like never before.

Forget zoos and sanctuaries, on a voyage around the Polar regions, you can stumble across Polar bears, walruses and penguins in their natural habitat. That's right, watch the majestic Polar bear manoeuvre across vast ice caps in search for food, walk through colonies of basking elephant seals, and keep an eye out for the ever elusive wandering albatross up above.

3. Immerse yourself in adventure

A voyage round the Polar regions isn't like any other cruise. Onboard an Arctic or Antarctic expedition, everyday is different, and everyday is an adventure. Not only will you spend time travelling around breathtaking waters, you'll also have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities.

For those harder-to-reach stop offs, you may find yourself jumping aboard an inflatable zodiac boat. These smaller vessels offer up close and personal experiences, and allow you to see the region from a new point of view. Whilst onboard, you can also try your hand at sea kayaking, skiing and polar snorkelling!

So, what are you waiting for? If you're ready to embark on an adventure around the Polar regions, pop into Active Travel and let us help create the holiday of a lifetime.