Cruising has come a long way over the years. In fact, in 2016 alone, a record-breaking 1.2 million Australians embarked on a cruise, according to Cruise Lines International Association. But, what about the other 95 per cent of the population?

In a bid to get more Aussies onboard this fantastic vacation option, here at Active Travel we're dispelling all cruise myths to show you just how incredible cruising can truly be!

Myth 1: Cruises are for old people

Yes, depending on what kind of cruise you choose, you may meet a proportion of older people, but this can also be said for any other type of holiday you take (unless it's a booze cruise around Spain's party areas that is!). And, quite often, they're also after the right amount of adventure, just like you.

The beauty with cruises is there are so many different options. At Active Travel, we work with a wide variety of different cruise lines and bespoke providers. Whether you want to embark on a voyage to the hidden corners of Australia or take a serene trip to Europe's most fascinating historic sites, there's something for everyone of all ages and interests. 

Discover where a cruise can take you.Get ready to visit some of the world's most incredible places on a cruise.

Myth 2: You spend all your time on a boat with nothing to do

Regardless of where you choose to visit, there's always a plethora of incredible things to do on and off the ship. Nowadays, many liners are equipped with state-of-the-art activities such as climbing walls, ice rinks and some even have zip lines and indoor skydiving to keep guests entertained at all times.

However, taking a cruise doesn't mean that you're confined to the vessel only able to view cities and ports from afar. Most cruises stop off at ports for the majority of the day, giving guests ample opportunity to explore amazing destinations. On our Antarctica Classic cruise, adventurers have the opportunity to make shore landings to secluded spots via small and zippy Zodiac boats. Extras like this offer new perspectives and even more fun – just some of the benefits of choosing a cruise.

Myth 3: I won't see anything off the beaten path

Cruises aren't restricted to touristy areas. In 2018, liners have more choice of extraordinary destinations than ever before. From the active volcano of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii to the tropical underwater paradise of Pixie Pinnacle in Queensland, Australia, you'll visit destinations you've never dreamed of. You'll witness some of the world's most fascinating animals in the white wonderland of Antarctica and immerse yourself in Europe's ancient history. 

One of the added benefits of cruising is that all of the finer details are taken care of for you, so you can spend more time deciding what to pack for your awesome adventure. Our expert group of Canberra travel agents only work with the best providers to ensure your holiday is packed with fun, culture and stunning views. For more information on our wide variety of cruises, get in touch today.