First published by Condor Travel

The eyes of the world turn to this wonderful region and highly appropriate given our spotlight for the month of November. Two important international publications have included destinations within South America on their lists of must-see places for the upcoming year,thus motivating tourists from all over the globe to step out of the routine and create unforgettable memories.

As it does every year, Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel guide elected the top destinations to visit around the world, based on the knowledgeable opinions of tourism experts and their online community of travelers. For 2018, the renowned site has placed Chile at the top of its list, based on the country’s beauty and undeniable uniqueness. The Andes Mountain Range, Atacama Desert, the Patagonia, among many other places, make it the perfect country to visit.

On the other hand, the Kuelap archaeological site -located in the Amazon region in Peru- was elected by The Wall Street Journal as one of the ‘coolest’ places to discover in 2018. Ranked number 3 (out of the 10 destinations on the list) the newspaper mentions the amazing architecture of the site as one of the main reasons to visit, as well as the opportunity of taking a ride up to the fortress on the newly inaugurated cable-car. This magnificent complex has been ranked above other destinations such as Madagascar, Shanghai and Scotland.

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