As Cuba begins to open its doors further, interest to travel to this fascinating country is reaching its highest levels yet. For such a small country, it has a spirit and life about it that is so enticing. The colours, the rhythm of the music, the outstanding natural beauty and of course the kindness and humour of the Cubans is so unique it truly is unlike anywhere else on Earth.

For my whole life, Cuba was a destination that I desperately wanted to experience so when the opportunity arose I took it. I had a month to explore the many regions of this amazing country. It was everything and more than what I ever imagined. I practised my salsa along the cobbled stoned streets of Trinidad, I tried out my Spanish as I ordered a meal in Havana and learned to play the bongos in the old town square of Santiago de Cuba, all memories which I will hold close to my heart forever!

I could not encourage everyone enough to travel to this incredible country as it has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are a history buff, a keen sailor, an outdoor enthusiast, a bird watcher, a musician or you just love to have fun, then plan your trip to Cuba now before everything changes.

The sudden increase of travellers to Cuba is putting pressure on hotels and homestays (casas)so it is essential to book early. Active Travel also encourages travellers to be flexible with dates for your itinerary. We work with a number of operators to ensure we are able to offer guests the best price and to be able to secure the preferred hotels and services.

Top Tip: Cuba is quite a distance away so why not consider a stopover in Mexico or Peru on the way?

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