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Is going to Antarctica safe?

Can a solo traveller join the expedition?

Can I get a discount if I do more than one voyage?

What time of year can I travel to Antarctica?

Will I see the Aurora Australis?

Are snacks available during the day?

Is my cruise all inclusive?

Is alcohol available on the ship?

Can I bring children on my Polar Expedition?

What’s the difference between the Antarctic and Arctic expeditions?

Do you have a kids club on board?

Can my family and friends contact me on the ship in case of an emergency?

Will I be able to access internet on board?
Is there a doctor on-board?

Do I need any vaccinations?

What if I get sea sick?

Is a visa necessary?

How will I pay my bill for purchases on board?

Do I need to tip staff on-board?

Do I need hiking poles when walking on land?




Crossing the Arctic Circle

Explore the Eastern Canadian Arctic and the waters around Baffin Island where we discover traditional Inuit cultures and incredible wildlife along the fringe of ice.  A highlight of this trip is crossing the Arctic Circle at 66 degrees and 33 minutes north.


Northwest Passage

Journey through the fabled Canadian Arctic Archipelagos  of the Northwest Passage.  This year celebrates the 70th anniversary of the the first ever single season transit of the Northwest Passage from West to East by the St Roch captained by Henry Larsen.


Spitsbergen Encounter

This short voyage gives you a fantastic glimpse of the Scandinavian Arctic as we sail along the northern Spitsbergen coastline on the look our for the legendary Polar Bear, beluga whale, walrus and the reindeer that is so famous to this part of the world.


Spitsbergen Explorer

This more comprehensive voyage of the Norwegian Svalbard Archipelago will have you exploring the Western and Southern coastline of Spitsbergen with maximised opportunities to spot the elusive Polar bear or see the Svalbard Arctic foxes hunting on the drift ice.