About Us

The only thing we love more than travelling ourselves is arranging for our client to go on adventures. It sounds corny but, after all, we are in the service industry and we have worked hard over the last few years to improve the quality of that service. We have spent our marketing budget not on promoting products but rather on identifying what a travel agent does and to show that we still have a place in this modern, Internet-centric world. Active Travel is only a small family owned business but we certainly punch above our weight in the industry as proven by our acceptance, in 2018, of an invitation from Club Med to become their 9th Instore Boutique in Australia, a great honour indeed.

One thing that struck us when Becky and I bought the agency in July 2015 was that we were seemingly better known in Sydney than we were in Canberra and we were keen to redress the balance and work with key community partners to not only promote the wellness aspects of travelling but also to show how easy is to work with a travel agent. We coined the phrase – just bring us your ideas, your dates and your budget and haven’t looked back since!

Our small team contains a wealth of experience that not only involves travelling to exotic destinations but, in some cases, actually living there for an extended period of time. We are a multi-cultural, multi-lingual office that prides itself on being 100% independent meaning that we can fully customise your next holiday or just book flights, accommodation, tours or even your next Murrays bus to Sydney.

So, next time you are in Braddon pop in for a coffee or if you are from further afield then just give us a call because we do actually love talking about travel, just remember your ideas, your dates and your budget!

Meet the Team

Nick Carter Director of Active Travel

Nick Carter

Managing Director

Favourite Travel Destination: Borneo, because I was born in Brunei and my family is from Sarawak. There are still so many parts that are relatively untouched so it is a real adventure to go there plus the food is amazing! Singapore also ranks high as a stopover destination, things seem to just work there!

Next Holiday Destination: We have a young family and love to travel with them but it would be nice to experience Club Med in Asia or a cruise aboard a Dream Cruises ship.

Ultimate Bucket-list Destination: Probably a real expedition to either of the Polar Regions

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Travel Tip: Embrace the local culture, respect the people and make a positive difference wherever you go!

Becky Carter Director of Active Travel

Becky Carter

Owner and Senior Travel Advisor

Favourite Travel Destination: There are too many to mention all for various reasons, Cuba for the music, China for the history, Scandinavia for the old cities, however, Scotland has a special place in my heart. Then of course everywhere in Australia is wonderful, we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country.

Next Holiday Destination: I haven’t decided yet, it will most likely be somewhere in Asia like Borneo or Thailand.

Ultimate Bucket-list Destination: Wow, this is a hard one, there are too many to but I if I have to narrow it down I would say either Morocco or Iceland.


Travel Tip: Be brave and remember you may never come back to this place so, try the local food, talk to people, get to know the culture and embrace every moment of where you are.

Sheehan Xin Administration Assistant at Active Travel

Sheehan Xin

Administration Assistant

Favourite Travel Destination: New York

Next Holiday Destination: Korea or Japan or New Zealand or New Caledonia or…depends

Ultimate Bucket-list Destination: Cinque Terre, Italy

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Travel Tip: Eat the local food, use public transportation

Chloe Thompson

Travel Advisor