3 Instagram-worthy destinations that you need to visit

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When our friends and family are on holiday, we all always feel a little jealous when they start to post pictures on social media. The blue sky, the clear water, snowy peaks – everything that you don't currently have in your life.

Of course, instead of hitting 'like' and scrolling past, you can use imagery as the inspiration for your next holiday overseas. Not sure where to start? Here are three Instagram-worthy destinations that you need to visit.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Although Niagara Falls isn't the largest waterfall in the world, it's overwhelming beauty and power make it a popular stop of tourists on the border of Canada and the United States.

There are actually three waterfalls which collectively have the name Niagara Falls, but you'll want to take your picture of the largest – Horseshoe Falls. Take the Maid of the Mist Boat Tour for an up close and personal shot to post to Instagram.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

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In the heart of New Zealand's South Island sits the picturesque Lake Tekapo. With the imposing Southern Alps in the background, the glistening waters of Lake Tekapo make for an excellent photo opportunity. 

During the winter, this part of New Zealand is covered in snow – allowing you to explore the many ski fields around the area or build a snowman with the kids near the lake. To see Lake Tekapo in more detail, you could always take a scenic flight with one of the many helicopter operators.

The Shard, London

While London is home to many of the world's favourite tourist attractions, including the Tower of London and Big Ben, it's one of the newest buildings that has camera and phones snapping. Opened in 2012, The Shard in Southwark stands at 95 storeys and 309 metres tall.

What makes The Shard stand out is its shape. The spire-like sculpture is striking and bold, but also reflects light in unpredictable ways. Either make your way to The View from The Shard (floor 68-72) or find a spot somewhere along the Thames to capture The Shard in all its glory. 

If you would like to make your trip amazing, both in person and social media, feel free to reach out to the team at Active Travel today.